Kavitaa offers fun and nurturing healing sessions in Sedona

Enjoy the relaxing and healing energy of Sedona with healing sessions

Heart-centered, spiritual and practical Intuitive Counseling session in Sedona's beautiful energy. Explore your issues from a space of acceptance, bringing insight and fresh approaches to life changes, turning points, relationships, family, love, health and career.

Intuitive counseling in Sedona, bringing light to the energy behind problems
Reiki Session
A system of energy healing which reconnects us with universal and sacred(rei) energy (ki), rediscovered in Kyoto, Japan by Dr. Usui. Experience this healing energy here in Sedona through Kavitaa's hands or long distance for you & your loved ones. Kavitaa has been working with Reiki since 1991, when she was living in Kyoto, Japan
The healing energy of a Sedona Reiki session

Enjoy your Life Path Consultation and Energy Balancing with an Aura-Soma session. Aura-Soma is a color healing system from England which reflects your soul at its deepest level. Available here in Sedona at Kavitaa's peaceful office. Kavitaa has been working with Aura-Soma since 1993.

Aura-Soma bottles in Sedona

Tarot Session
using cards based on Irish mythology, which are light and playful, yet profound, taking tarot to another level. Available in Sedona and by phone.

Reading by Kavitaa in Sedona

Experiential Astrology Session
Experience the energy of the signs and planets while sitting in the circle of the zodiac. Gain insights into the energies in your life. Available in Sedona.

Experiential Astrology in Sedona

Phone reading & counseling
Practical and caring. For more information or to book a phone session, click here.

phone readings from Sedona

Hypnotherapy Session
allows you to access information and let go of trauma through deep relaxation. Experience one or more past lives with a past-life regression, or have a past-life reading to explore how patterns from past lives influence your present life both positively and negatively.

past-life regression in Sedona

Rates for in-person sessions in Sedona:

1 hour$150$175
2 hours$250$295
couple, 1 hour$215$255

*Direct Advance Discount Rate applies to bookings made at least 3 days (72 hours) in advance and is not valid with 3rd party bookings

Full payment required for cancellations and changes less than 1 week in advance

Prices apply to payment in cash, traveler's checks, or personal checks on a US bank.

Credit card payment is available through Paypal for a small extra charge.

1 week notice of change or cancellation is required.

Available 7 days a week including all holidays. For weekends and holidays, advance booking only please. For weekdays, advance booking is recommended.

phone +1 (928) 203 1194

PO Box 3294
Sedona AZ 86340